HIPAA compliancy is a major concern for everyone in the Healthcare industry. NetProphets'  network is encrypted using the Federal Information Processing Standard for the highest level of security and privacy. At NetProphets, we use the powerful and popular NDC Lytec 2008   to manage each clients' practice. Each client has an individual password-protected database on our secure server running Lytec 2008

Because your information database is wholly contained on our Microsoft Windows server, your data is more secure than it would be on personnal office computers.


The integrity of your information is maintained using several levels of memory backup. Our server uses  RAID (Redundant array of independent disks) technology to store your database on multiple hard drives simultaneously, so that even in the rare event of hard drive failure, the system integrity would remain uninterrupted. We also perform regular external back-ups for

added protection.  The client can choose to save an additional backup of their database on their office computers should they desire.

Along with the extensive backup protection, our system also has:

§Virus,Worm Protection

§Hacker,Spyware Protection