Mary Jo Layton, CPC


Our staff is led by Mary Jo Layton, the founder and owner of NetProphets. With over 25 year experience in medical billing, coding, insurance claims, and medical office management, she holds a unique and dynamic perspective in this industry. From paper claims,to the advent of managed care and HIPAA, to todays fully electronic Healthcare IT and EMR,  Mary Jo has walked doctors through two decades of medical billing evolution. She holds certification and training in General Business Management,Small Business Management, Certified Medical Billing Specialist and Certified Professional Coding, and is proficient in Microsoft Windows Networking and Office Products. 

Ms. Layton has extensive experience with specialty coding in the fields of Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Neurology,Psychology, Psychiatry,Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Surgery, and has assisted in several start up practices.

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Jeffrey L Layton

  Jeffrey Layton is a Key administrator at NetProphets.  With a kean eye for detail, Jeffrey holds the title of Account Manager, and specializes in receivable review, denials, and insurance carrier analysis. He has experience in accounting, customer service, and small business management. Mr. Layton has successfully completed the Medical Billing Course, and is currently studying CPT and ICD-10 coding.

Brian Lombardi


With an Economics degree, and Microsoft A+ Certification,

 Brian Lombardi manages our IT department. He has set up our comprehensive Terminal Server Network, manages all updates, maintains our high level of security, and handles our technical support issues. Mr.Lombardi also has training in Medical Billing and Financial Management.


Constance Kaloyerakis

Connie is a highly intelligent, and enthusiastic biller, with experience in Cardiology and ultrasound. Connie is excellent on the phone and investigates past due claims with insurance carriers. She has quickly caught on, and became a vital part of the NMBS team.


NetProphets also employs part-time,temp help, and CPC consultants for various support tasks.

It is our intention to always have adequate billing support for our clients, and will add to our staff accordingly. For Specialty clients, we require our billing staff to have specialty specific training, both on and off site.

We are looking for INTERNS willing to train under our supervision, with possibility for long term employment.   INTERNSHIP